One Linwa Boulevard was the first construction in the new LINWA Commercial and Residential Community planned development located along SC Highway 81. DSPI’s own architectural staff designed the brick two-story commercial office building to suit the firm’s significant growth. From 2001 to 2012, the office building of approximately 29,000 square feet accommodated Design South’s Engineering, Architecture, and Telecommunications divisions as well as administrative and support staff in a series of departmental suites branching from a central core. Each suite is designed for maximum flexibility with both individual and open office areas as well as centralized team design centers. Training areas for employee participation and education, break areas, toilet facilities, support areas, library, and multiple conference rooms are distributed at the main core and along its access corridors.
Three-dimensional digital modeling was utilized to explore different building design possibilities as well as interior finish selections. This tool again proved invaluable in illustrating lifelike renderings of the building’s design many months before construction began. Site improvements include approximately 150 parking spaces as well as extensive site work and amenities. As construction progressed, the design team worked closely with a landscape architect to develop landscaping to correspond with the building’s unique style and location.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
Phoenix Ventures LLC.
Marsh/Bell Construction
Project Type
Commercial Office