The Callie and John Rainey Hospice House had been in operation for thirteen years and the existing wall finishes, floor finishes, and furniture, had reached the end of their functional life. The new interior renovation included new finishes, furnishings, casework and ceiling fans which provided an updated interior space for the 27 patient rooms (32 beds), corridors, and the family gathering spaces. The Hospice House remained in operation during construction and great care was taken to provide infection control, minimize interference with daily functions, and maintain access to all exits.

The project was completed in two phases with each phase having several sub-phases. Phase one was the Magnolia Wing and involved renovating patient rooms, family rooms, chapel, children play area, and nurse station.  Phase two was the Palmetto Wing and involved renovating patient rooms, staff break room and lounge. Patient rooms and associated corridors were renovated two or three rooms at a time and were isolated and unoccupied during construction.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
Hospice of the Upstate
Caldwell Constructors Inc.
Project Type
Interior Renovation