Design South Professionals designed a 91,520 square foot Station Support Complex in South Carolina.  The complex provided various team rooms, offices, and support amenities such as an auditorium, conference rooms, briefing rooms, and break rooms.

The extreme slope of the site was a major design challenge.  Design South had to design the building into the hillside while providing adequate light, views, and egress to the occupants.  Design South strategically arranged programmatic elements such as storage rooms and workshops along the underground portions of the building while allowing offices, team rooms, conference rooms access to light and views.  There was extensive site work involved in the steep site.  In order to properly secure the building and site, the design utilized soil nailing and a micro pile foundation.   The exterior cladding of insulated precast concrete panels offered strength and fast installation.

Flexibility was another design criterion because the complex will host 200 to 800 employees depending on the day and time.  Design South met the challenge of creating work areas that adapted to different workloads and occupancy.  The work areas include permanent work stations, temporary work stations, and lockers to provide employees with storage, work space and different teaming options.

Key Facts

South Carolina
Major Energy Company
Langston Construction Company
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