City zoning requirements dictated the form of the approximately 24,850 square foot building on its 1.1 acre site located directly behind the existing Church. Special consideration was necessary to provide the Church campus with additional parking as well as sidewalks, crosswalks and service drives for easy access between the existing and new facilities, separated by Ridgecrest Avenue. In addition, an underground storm drainage system, unique in the City of Anderson, was designed and implemented in which underground storage was utilized to eliminate the need for aboveground detention areas.

In keeping with the character of the existing sanctuary, the new building incorporates large windows, cast stone window trim, and special 8" by 8" accent brick in its linear brick façade. The facility is divided into three sections with parapet walls topped with cast stone copings that pierce through the roofs and divide the building functionally. A one-story gymnasium includes a walking track suspended from the exposed roof structure. The central two-story core area houses vertical circulation systems for the building, offices and a commercial kitchen with a dumbwaiter that serves the activities rooms on the second floor. The spacious one-story fellowship hall seats approximately 350 at round banquet tables. Its unique volume is a direct result of the scissor trusses that support its roof, while its large windows allow natural light to flood the space.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
Boulevard Baptist Church
Two State Construction Company, Inc
Project Type
Church Addition - Activity Center