Design South Professionals participated in and won the Habitat for Humanity Greenville House Competition with the LINEARIS (Latin word meaning “created by lines”) House. The house is designed utilizing an open floor plan. The household amenities are located along a north/south linear centralized spine, welcoming the community and occupants with sustainable, ADA accessible, utilitarian, and flexible gathering space.

The adaptability of the plan supports different generations and family dynamics. In addition to fostering adaptability, the living space creates an open atmosphere for family and friends to gather. Depending on the needs of the family, the central alcove evolves to fit the lifestyle of the owner, becoming a home office, a play nook, a storage area, a fitness alcove or an entertainment center.

Sustainability features are found throughout the design, but are heavily concentrated along the linear spine. The house utilizes the solar orientation to maximize daylighting, including both horizontal and vertical exterior shading. The generous southern exposure allows for installation of roof mounted solar panels to assist in powering the household utilities. Rain water is harvested in two collection tanks that provide water for the various gardens located along the linear spine, including the entryways which are lined with drought tolerant, native plants. The driveway and entry walkway use minimal concrete to allow rainwater to permeate the soil.

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Greenville, South Carolina
Habitat for Humanity - Greenville
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