St John’s United Methodist Church Sanctuary and Bell Tower is a historic structure constructed circa 1912 and is a predominately wood framed structure supported on load bearing masonry walls. The 100 year old bell is still utilized with a rope that extends down through the ceiling to the second floor balcony. The 15,000-pound bell sits in the top of the round-topped tower, which makes up the church's steeple.

The tower that houses the bell has not undergone a major renovation since it was first erected a century ago. Design South was retained to determine the current condition of the bell tower, the extent of any visible damage and make recommendations accordingly. Once the site analysis was completed, Design South made recommendations for the restoration of the 100 year old Bell Tower and provided the contract documents to accomplish the work.

The scope of work involves replacing the existing metal roof and lantern with a new copper roof that will match the style of the existing roof. The existing metal trim around the roof and the bell tower will be replaced with aluminum trim matching the existing trim. Bird screens will be installed in the openings around the bell tower, new flooring in the attic area, a new roof hatch to access the tower, repair all damaged wood and a new roof in the bell tower. Once completed the Bell Tower should be ready for another hundred years of service.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
St. John's United Methodist Church
A. B. Roberts Construction, Inc.
Project Type
Historic Renovation