Phase III of the City of Anderson City Hall improvements consisted of complete demolition and removal of the existing 10,000 square foot City Hall structure and 8,200 square feet of existing sidewalks and sitescape.

Phase III additions include the construction of a new three story Anderson City Hall building that includes new offices for Business License and Revenue Collection Offices as well as a main Lobby, an employee Credit Union and additional administrative offices. This Phase also included new site work such as sidewalks, steps, ramps, retaining walls, brick paving, granite curbs and a flagpole. Sitescape was designed with correlation to the City’s downtown sitescape masterplan.

Phase III concluded a planned 8-year program to reconstruct Anderson’s City Hall with a phased “pay as we go” program to modernize and improve the seat of city government without raising taxes.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
City of Anderson
Rice-Cleveland Construction Corp
Project Type
Civic Building