Located in the Boulevard Historic District within the City of Anderson, Boulevard Baptist Church commissioned Design South to develop a master plan of their existing Church campus.  Specifically, the master plan focuses on the placement of a new Christian Activities Center (CAC) which includes a gymnasium, elevated walking track, locker rooms, fellowship hall, commercial kitchen and adult & youth activity spaces.
Maintaining good relations with the surrounding residential community and in consideration of scheduling and logistical concerns, Boulevard Baptist decided to explore an alternative to the building addition design, envisioning the new building occurring across the residential street on a small (1.1 acres) but completely buildable site.  This design scheme also remedied the complicated operational, logistical and structural concerns raised by the building addition design.  After presentations to the Building Committee and congregation as a whole, Boulevard Baptist directed Design South to proceed with the new Christian Activities Center project.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
Boulevard Baptist Church
Project Type
Master Plan