Design South was commissioned by the Oconee Campus of a major energy provider to supply a master plan that would capture vacancy square footage due to the movement into the new Station Support Complex. While this new building, also designed by Design South, provided departments with better functionality and appropriate space allocations, it also created mass vacancies in previous locations. Keeping in mind that these new vacancies allow room for repurposing those office spaces as well as their surrounding spaces, Design South utilized Archibus software to develop a master plan that incorporated floor plans for 49 buildings on campus, totaling 650,000 sf and including 6,200 employees. The Archibus software allows for the client to maintain a running database of employees and their office locations, as well as keep track of a detailed workspace transaction for each time they are moved to a different location. Thus, it maintains an up-to-date master plan of occupiable spaces across the campus. It also allows for the determination of how much space is used per department. Floor plans and employee details, such as department and location, were field verified in order to ensure future functionality of the effected spaces within these buildings, post-movement into the SSC.

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Oconee, South Carolina
Major Energy Company
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