Total Project Oversight

What is Total Project Oversight?

Total Project Oversight integrates people, systems, business structures, and practices into a collaborative process that harnesses the team’s expertise.  An experienced advocate looks after the owner’s best interests throughout the duration of the project with proven methods. The process consists of several programmed steps to insure complete discovery of project needs, goals, and complete information for price controls.  Our system offers flexibility in the final delivery options, so that the traditional methods of delivery can also be employed if desired.  This project delivery process increases value to the owner by optimizing project results, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency. 

Total Project Oversight Goals and Objectives:

It is essential for a successful project to determine early on; project and budget goals, deliverables, responsibilities, scope of services, and scheduling of project milestones.  These objectives are best discovered through workshops and interviews with key personnel and stakeholders.  Through this process, we are able to gain a “big picture” idea of what is expected and the approach we plan to take to achieve the goal.  Properly executed projects balance scope, budget and quality.

Total Project Oversight Services

Total Project Oversight goes beyond typical project management to include standard services plus what are normally additional services according to an AIA contract.  It includes not only the construction budget but offers assistance and guidance such as weekly meetings, risk management, crisis management, contract element oversight, and management of all elements that contribute to the total project cost. The owner advocate balances the total project budget.

Value in Total Project Oversight:

- Collaborative Innovation & Decision Making    - Appropriate Technology
- Early Substantive Involvement of Key Participants   - Organization & Leadership
- Early Goal Definition   - Flexibility for Customer
- Intensified Planning   - Management of Customer Resources
- Open Communication   - Working Together Towards a Common Goal