After construction of two new elementary schools, Anderson County officials proactively examined the adequacy of the road system in and around the area of both school sites. Both new schools were located in semi-rural areas where low traffic volume roads serviced both sites. Due to construction of the schools, roads near the schools should have been labeled as collector roads, as defined by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO); however, the construction of many of the roads was below collector roadway standards. Adequate site distance, turning radii, and turning lanes at essential intersections needed to facilitate safe and easy traffic flow in and out of school grounds were lacking throughout the road system. This report identified probable improvement costs to roads and intersections in order to meet County Standards for collector roads. The most critical improvements were needed in the immediate area of each school. The study identified $2.2 million in necessary improvements to make immediate significant road and intersection improvements. Another $4.8 million in improvements was identified for supplementary, but necessary, road and intersection augmentation. The supplementary improvements will be required as the schools influence the growth of the surrounding area with new subdivisions and like changes in land use.

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Anderson, South Carolina
Anderson County
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Site Evaluation