In 2001, LINWA, LLC began their relationship with Design South Professionals in an endeavor to construct a master plan for development of a 92 acre site on Highway 81 North. The design team worked closely with the Owner studying the County’s Zoning and Land Development Regulations in order to implement the interests of the neighboring community. Through a thorough study of the existing Highway 81 corridor and through market evaluation, the design team prepared the development plan to include commercial and residential development as well as a retirement/nursing center complex.

Entrances to the residential and retirement/nursing center areas were carefully reviewed for easy access from both Hub and McGee Roads to avoid unnecessary travel through the commercial areas of the development. In addition, buffers or screens for the residential development were incorporated along McGee and Hub Roads. William Renninger Associates Landscape Architects and Planners were consulted to design landscaping for the development in order to provide appropriate buffers between zones. This buffer zone also provides areas for walking paths and green spaces wherever possible.

Further studies regarding signage and lighting for the area led the design team to develop specific guidelines to be followed by commercial entities. Monument type signage and low profile direct lighting will provide a consistent visual appearance to the development.
The new commercial office building for Design South Professionals, Inc. was the first construction in the new planned development.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
Pheonix Ventures, LLC
Project Type
Site Design