Design South provided final design and construction administration services for the Street Lighting Project beautifying a two mile portion of Tiger Boulevard from Hartwell Lake to SC Highway 93. The project accounted for the construction of approximately 76 pole mounted, 400 watt metal halide lighting fixtures along Tiger Boulevard. Two styles of metal fixtures were part of the project, including single pole and mast arm designs, each with a decorative clear globe.
Specific utility work also included:

  • Two branch circuit panels for supplying power to specific zones.
  • Cast-in-place concrete pedestal bases for each of the luminaires.
  • Installation of poles, mounting masts, and luminaires for each of the locations.
  • Disconnect switches at each luminaire.
  • Approximately 19,000 linear feet of underground electrical duct, including phase conductors and grounds.
  • Coordination with other utilities in a busy transportation corridor.
  • Site restoration


Key Facts

Clemson, South Carolina
City of Clemson
Project Type
Site Design