In 1999, a small group of entrepreneurial Clemson alumni decided to explore the possibility of building a private football game tailgating facility in Clemson. Design South was commissioned with developing preliminary plans and budgets which were then used to develop financial proforma to obtain financing for the project. While several others have followed, Tiger Park was a first for Clemson.

Design South developed a parking layout and pavilion plan that fit the site of an underutilized small shopping center close to the stadium. The 4,100 square foot orange roofed pavilion includes large toilet facilities for men and women, a spacious bandstand and dance floor, and an air-conditioned lounge area. A paved site access road serves the “high traffic” travel lanes and provides access to the grassed landscaped parking area. The entire facility is enclosed with a brick and wrought iron fence to provide an aesthetically pleasing, exclusive, yet inviting area adjacent to the Clemson campus.

Key Facts

Clemson, South Carolina
John Moore '75 & Joe Glenn '80
Project Type
Site Design