Design South assisted Anderson County by providing planning, preliminary design, final design, bidding, and construction services to provide sidewalk, driveway, and parking area improvements for the Wren School Road area. The project was designed to meet SCDOT and ADA requirements, and consists of the following elements:

  • Approximately 400 linear feet of curbs and gutters
  • Approximately 4,500 linear feet of sidewalks
  • Three (3) wheelchair ramps
  • Seven (7) driveway ramp renovations
  • Two (2) sidewalk switchback structures
  • Thermoplastic crossing markers
  • School and crosswalk warning signs
  • Additional asphalt parking spaces
  • Resealing and restriping of existing parking spaces
  • Storm drainage facilities
  • Dumpster pad


Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
Anderson County
S & S Construction, Inc.
Project Type
Site Design