The City of Anderson has experienced a variety of maintenance problems with older portions of its infrastructure in portions of the Old North Anderson community. This neighborhood was established in the 1930's and built out surrounding the historic North Anderson Elementary School, now the Adult Education Center.

Stormwater piping buried along the median of Hunter Drive comprises the eastern fork tributary to Whitner Creek, and has experienced erosion and other maintenance problems dating to at least 50 years ago. This tributary was piped many decades ago to alleviate these problems. Over time washouts and sink holes have developed along this stormwater pipe system that extends along Hunter Drive from James Street to Glenwood Avenue.

The stormwater portion of the project includes 1,100 feet of 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe to replace the existing dilapidated stormwater pipe along Hunter Drive, approximately 200 feet of 18-inch connector pipe, 10 catch basins and restoration activities.

The work is scheduled for completion in Summer 2016.  After the completion this problem stormwater area will be eliminated and the City will be allowed to focus its resources in other areas. The residents will no longer have to deal with flooding.  

  • Replacement of 1,100’  of 48” reinforce concrete pipe
  • Replacement of 10 Catch basins

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
City of Anderson
Don Moorhead Construction Inc.
Project Type
Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements