This project included preliminary design, design, bidding, and construction services for three stormwater detention ponds in series to replace a deteriorated 72-inch piping system along an unnamed branch of Rocky River. The deteriorated pipe was originally installed in the late 1970s to prevent streambank erosion in the branch caused by peak urban runoff. Rather than replace the pipe, the City opted to address water quality, in addition to quantity. The ponds are designed to attenuate peak flows within a limited area. Therefore, a parallel overflow piping system was included. The project consisted of approximately 700 feet of 48-inch and 60-inch overflow piping, triple-run 60-inch outfall system, concrete overflow structures, connections to existing piping systems to remain, clearing and grading, erosion control, and site stabilization. This project was funded by a low-interest loan from the SRF program.


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Anderson, South Carolina
City of Anderson
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