In addition to the New Christian Activities Center, an underground stormwater detention system, unique at the time in the City of Anderson, was designed and implemented in which underground storage was utilized to eliminate the need for aboveground detention areas. The underground storm water detention system was part of the entire project budget of $3,000,000.  The underground stormwater detention system utilized 42-inch diameter aluminized-steel corrugated metal pipe, which run the entire length of the building on both sides and one end. The system provides approximately 6,500 cubic feet of stormwater storage. Discharge is controlled by a small diameter orifice to handle flows up to the 25 year return frequency storm and an overflow weir for excessive storm events. Like the detention structures, the outlet structure is also entirely underground. Storm water enters the system through a yard outlet placed in the landscaped area to capture runoff from the building roof, sidewalks, service drives, and other impervious areas.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
Boulevard Baptist Church
Project Type
Stormwater System