As a part of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan, Design South recommended to Clemson University the implementation of an automated Lime Feed System.  Previously, the staff of the treatment plant manually added dry lime to the Sequencing Batch Reactors in order to control the pH of the activated sludge process.
Based on pilot testing, lime costs with an automated feed system are estimated to be reduced by 34 percent.  The new feed system ensures the appropriate amount of chemical addition to the treatment process and eliminates safety hazards for personnel.  Engineering services included planning, final design and construction administration services to install the pre-engineered unit, storage tank and required appurtenances.

  • Evaluation of existing process for lime feed
  • Construction of concrete containment area for installation of a 16,000 gallon tank and controls
  • Installation of pumps, meters and related appurtenances
  • Start-up and calibration of system

Key Facts

Clemson, South Carolina
Clemson University
Kris Mechanical, Inc.
Project Type
Wastewater Treatment