The Maple Creek WWTP is an activated sludge, sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process. Engineering services included planning, preliminary design, permitting, design, and construction administration to upgrade the Maple Creek WWTP from 4.5 MGD to 5.0 MGD. The project includes the following major improvements:

  • Construction of an 18 MGD influent pump station with three 250-hp dry pit mounted submersible pumps with VFDs.
  • Construction of a new influent box, including the re-routing of existing piping into the new structure.
  • A new headworks structure with fine screen system and grit removal system.
  • Construction of a 6 million gallon equalization basin system.
  • Construction of new post equalization basins.
  • Construction of a new UV disinfection system, post aeration, and effluent channel.
  • Construction of a new standby power generator station.
  • SCADA system upgrade.
  • Associated plant piping and electrical.


Key Facts

Greer, South Carolina
Greer CPW
Crowder Construction Co.
Project Type
Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade