The existing Rocky River Trunk Sewer was installed in the mid-1960s and has served the City of Anderson, Anderson County, and Homeland Park Water and Sewer District for more than thirty years. Due to increased flow contributions from all three entities, plus inflow and infiltration at times of significant rainfall, it was determined that the existing trunk sewer was incapable of handling these higher flow rates. To alleviate this situation, a relief sewer, generally paralleling the existing trunk sewer, was designed and constructed to transport flows in excess of the capacity of the existing trunk sewer to the Rocky River Wastewater Treatment Plant. The relief sewer includes approximately 2,500 linear feet of 54-inch pipe, approximately 10,000 linear feet of 48-inch pipe, and approximately 7,500 linear feet of 42-inch pipe. Design South Professionals' involvement in this project included the preparation of a preliminary engineering report, preliminary design, field location surveys, final design, bidding, and construction services. Our services further included assistance in acquisition of rights-of-way and delineation of wetlands.  The project included crossing two transcontinental petrolium pipelines.  One of these crossings was a hard rock tunnel under the pipeline constructed without explosives.  The project also crossed several major highways, an active railroad, and the Rocky River Swamp.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
City of Anderson
Project Type
Relief Sewer