The project included the removal of trees along the dam embankments, backfilling of holes penetrating through the dam, backfilling the dam at a 3:1 slope, removal of an inoperable outlet structure, installing of a new siphon outlet system, regrading the emergency spillway, installation of riprap along the upstream slope of the dam and along the emergency spillway, and replacing a chain-link fence.

  • Restore the original pond volume that was diminished by beavers tunneling into the dam and a large tree growing on the back of the dam.
  • Remove the existing spillways.
  • Replace the damaged chain link fence along the top of the dam.
  • Armor the face of the dam and the emergency spillway with rip-rap.

Part of the design process was to survey the property surrounding the pond and the bottom of the pond. The design involved permitting correspondence with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Safe Dams and Stormwater divisions of the SC Department of Mental Health, SCDOT, and Anderson County.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
SC Dept. of Mental Health
The Belk Company
Project Type
Water Resources