After completing the Water System Business Plan for the City of Anderson, Design South was retained to complete a comprehensive water system master plan. The master planning effort included the evaluation of the existing distribution, storage, pumping, and transmission system.

The existing distribution lines were modeled and a deficiency analysis was performed. There were several areas in the city where residents complained of low system pressures. Also identified were areas that had existing pipes that were almost 100 years old. The project resulted in the upgrade of over 17 miles of distribution pipeline in nine specific project areas. Also included as part of the project were 130 new isolation valves, 80 system connections, 60 new fire hydrants, and re-connection of over 1,200 customer water meters.

Key Facts

Anderson, South Carolina
City of Anderson
Payne, McGinn & Cummins, Inc. and Buckeye Construction Company
Project Type
Water Distribution