Design South was selected to provide a hydraulic study and water system storage evaluation for the City of Clemson’s existing water distribution system. The study evaluated the existing distribution, storage and transmission system, which serves the City’s 7,150 retail customers. A computer hydraulic model was developed in H2OMAP and used to perform a deficiency analysis on the City’s existing water system. The analysis included an evaluation of system storage capacity, water transmission main capacity, wholesale water scenarios, system reliability, and distribution system (6 inch and larger) flow capacity. As part of this water system evaluation, Design South developed a written report outlining all conclusions and recommendations regarding various system improvements to satisfy and meet present and future needs for the City’s overall water system. The City then commissioned Design South to proceed with the recommendations of the report to respond to the needs of the citizens of Clemson. Completion of this evaluation resulted in a Water System Improvements project that included two 500,000-gallon elevated storage tanks, a booster pump station, 27,000 feet of 12-inch transmission mains, and 13,000 feet of 8-inch and 6-inch distribution lines.

Key Facts

Clemson, South Carolina
City of Clemson
Gar-Con, Inc. and Caldwell Tanks, Inc.
Project Type
Water System