Our services included planning, preliminary design, design, bidding, and construction services for construction of a new water treatment plant on the site of Easley’s existing water treatment facilities. The 12 MGD first phase included:

  • New raw water intake and pump station. The pump station houses three (3) 300 hp vertical turbine pumps, with space for a fourth pump.
  • New 12 MGD, cast-in-place concrete water treatment train, including two-stage rapid mix, sixteen (16) flocculation basins, two (2) sedimentation basins, and four (4) filters.
  • New 5 MG cast-in-place concrete finished water storage and pump station. The pump station houses five (5) 800 hp vertical turbine pumps, one of which is used as a filter backwash water supply pump.
  • New 4,600 square feet chemical feed building, which includes new chemical storage and feed equipment.
  • New residuals handling equipment, converting two existing tanks to a sludge thickening tank and a backwash water holding tank.
  • Miscellaneous demolition and improvements to the existing Administration Building for building code compliance and finishes replacement.

The Don L. Moore Water Treatment Plant was awarded the South Carolina Engineering Excellence Award by ACEC-SC.

Key Facts

Easley, South Carolina
Easley Combined Utilities
Hickory Construction Company, Inc.
Project Type
Water Treatment Plant