This project included planning, preliminary design, final design, and construction services for the construction of a new 4,200 square feet, 24 MGD High Service Pump Station. 

  • Project included new 4,200 square foot pre-engineered metal building with separate climate controlled electrical room.
  • 24 MGD pumping capacity is achieved using four (4) 450 HP horizontal split case centrifugal pumps. Pump are driven using 4160 V reduced voltage starters.
  • Pump station flow is monitored using an insertion a Marsh McBirney insertion type magmeter.
  • A 5-ton overhead bridge crane is provided to assist in maintaining the pumps.
  • Piping connections for a future 5 MG storage were provided.


Key Facts

Easley, South Carolina
Easley Combined Utilities
Project Type
Water Pump Station