After completion of the update of the City’s Water System Master Plan, several projects were identifided. A new 1.0 MG elevated storage tank was recommended to directly connect the proposed new 24-inch backbone transmission main in a centralized location of the City’s distribution system. This storage improvement would additional reliability and capacity for 20 years into the fuuture. In addition, the provision of an alternate bid for a 1.5 MG tank was considered, was competitively bid and awarded for an increase in capacity, under budget. The project specifically involves the following:


  • Construction of 1.5 MG composite style elevated storage tank.
  • An active mixing system incorporated into the tank to improve water quality and reduce tank stratification during hot summer months.
  • High performance tank coating system featuring two City of Goose Creek 3-color logos prominently displayed.
  • Incidental site piping to connect to the new 24-inch transmission main.
  • Telemetry system to integrate with the Santee-Cooper water plant and provide monitoring information for the City.
  • Project included permitting assistance with the Federal Aviation Administration airspace encroachment.
  • Project included assisting the City of Goose Creek with procurement of a low interest State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan to fund the project.

Key Facts

Goose Creek, South Carolina
City of Goose Creek
Project Type
Elevated Storage Tank