The Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission was founded in 1992 under provisions of the State Code of the Joint Municipal Water Systems Act.  Located in Lexington County, one of the largest and fastest growing areas in the State, the Commission has eleven municipal members that comprise the service area.

In response to the dramatic growth in the early 2000’s, the Commission enlarged its water system in its western and southwestern areas to meet current and future needs.  Installation of 45,900 feet of 24-inch transmission main, 9,300 feet of 12-inch transmission main, a two million gallon storage tank and a 2,600 gallon per minute duplex booster pump station provided additional opportunities along the Calks Ferry Road portion of the County.  Work also included installation of related valves, hydrants, stub-outs for future growth site work, power, and controls.

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Lexington, South Carolina
Lexington County Joint Municipal Water
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