Design South was retained to prepare a comprehensive water system Master Plan for Pioneer Rural Water District. As part of the master planning effort, Design South reviewed a computerized hydraulic network model utilizing MWH Soft’s Infowater®. The computerized hydraulic network model was used as a tool to perform a deficiency analysis of the water system. The deficiency analysis determined the adequacy of the existing water system to supply existing and future water demands and to supply water for fire protection purposes. To determine system adequacy, compliance with SCDHEC requirements, ISO rating parameters and prudent water industry engineering practiceswere evaluated. The criteria used for evaluation purposes included pressures, flow capacity, fire flow capacity, reliability, supply, and storage. The planning effort for this project also included data collection, population projections, determination of water use requirements, and the development of a capital improvements plan. Population, community growth, water consumption, and regulatory requirements served as the foundation for evaluating and identifying recommended water system improvements. A written report outlining the conclusions and recommendations of the master planning effort was prepared and formally presented to Pioneer Rural Water District.

Key Facts

Oakway, South Carolina
Pioneer Rural Water District
Project Type
Water System Master Plan